Citiventure helps build communities that thrive and endure. It's a special skill. Real estate development is complicated and risky, and city-building is even tougher.

The obstacles to successful projects can seem overwhelming—money, politics, competing agendas, entitlements, land acquisition, weak vision, poor execution, lack of heart.

Citiventure Associates helps navigate this maze of challenges, bridge the “trust gap” between the public and private sectors, and create places that generate value and are loved.

It's that simple. And that difficult.


Marilee Utter created the vision for an abandoned rail yard and convinced the community it could be a vibrant part of the city. Her leadership was critical in bringing together the public and private concerns for the Central Platte Valley and changing the face of downtown Denver

David Syre – CEO | Trillium Corporation, Bellingham, WA


President of Citiventure Associates LLC, Marilee has been developing executable solutions for tough land use problems for over 25 years. With a broad background in both the public and private sectors, she has worked in more than 40 cities across the U.S. and globally, bringing best practices and innovation to urban projects.

Marilee is well-positioned to advise regionally, nationally and globally in real estate matters, having recently served as the Executive Vice President for District/National Councils at the Urban Land Institute, based in Washington D.C.  For five years she managed ULI's offices in 75 cities around the world, including in Europe, Asia and the Americas.[MORE]

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